Аккорды песни Аквариум — Winter

Аквариум — Winter аккорды

F#m E
Now that the summer is gone
F#m E
Snow’s on the ground
F#m E
I sought and I found
Bm D
I know what I found is true
But the bitter gray sky
F#m Bm
Fades into silence
F#m E
Only the fire is left
D Bm
And some say it’s not enough
To carry us through

Days of apple bloom white
Silver and steel
Tales of webs
Spun around a careless heart
I dream of the snow-white seagulls
Crying to show me the way
But I will stay here with you
And nothing will ever come
To tear us apart

Bm E
Look into my eyes sister
F#m E D
No harm will come to you
E Bm
Look into my eyes sister
F#m E D E
No harm will come to you

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