Аккорды песни Queen — Bring Back That Leroy Brown (crd)

Queen — Bring Back That Leroy Brown (crd) аккорды

Chords: G7+5 = xx1001, G#dim = xx0101,
C/E = xx2010,
1dim = xx1212, 2dim = xx2323 (don`t know the names,
but they`re diminished chords)

C G7 C G7 C G7 C G7+5
Bring back, bring back, bring back that Leroy Brown — Yeah!
Bring back, bring back, gotta ring that Leroy Brown — Yeah!

C G+ C 1dim Am
Bet your bottom dollar bill you`re a playboy — yeah, yeah
C F G7 C C Dm7 1dim C/E
Daddy cool with a ninety dollar smile (oooh————)
Am G#dim Am C#dim
Took my money out of gratitude, and he git right out of town
C B7 Bb7 A7
Well, I gotta getty up, steady up, shoot him down
Dm7 1dim G7 C G7+5
Gotta hit that lat — i — tude babe.

Big bad Leroy Brown, he got no common sense — no, no
Got no brains but he sure got a lot of style
Can`t stand no more in this here jail
I gotta rid myself of this sentence
Gotta get out of the heat, get into the shade
gotta get me there dead or alive, babe!

Woo-woo, big bad Leroy, woo-ooo
Am E7 Am Am 2dim G7 G7 C G7+5
Woo-woo, big bad Leroy — Brown!
C G7 C
Big Momma Lula Belle, she had a nervous breakdown
E7/G# Am
(nervous breakdown)
C G7 C Em/B Am
Leroy`s taken her honey-chile away
F Am Dm7 Am
But she met him at the station, put a shotgun to his head
Dm F B7 G7
And unless I be mistaken, this is what she said:

C (C) 2dim Am
Big bad, big boy, big bad Leroy Brown,
G7 C G7
I`m gonna get that cutie pie

Bring back, bring back, bring back that Leroy Brown — Yeah!

C G7 C 2dim Am
Big bad caused a mighty fine sensation — yeah yeah
C G7 C
Gone and got himself elected president
Dm7 1dim C/E F A7 D7 G7
(we want) Le — roy for president
Next time, you gotta hit a bitty baddy weather
This time, like a shimmy shammy leather
Dm7 Am
He`s a big boy, bad boy, Leroy
C G/B Am 1dim
I don`t care where you get him from
C B7 C G7 C
Bring that Leroy Brown back — want him back.

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