Аккорды песни Авторские песни — J.S. McLochnagar — Evil eye

Авторские песни — J.S. McLochnagar — Evil eye аккорды

Am F Dm Am
My clock has always been a couple of centuries fast
Em Gm A7
I’m looking at a seed and see a forest grow and die
Dm F Am
I would give up my soul to make some moments last
D7 Em
but never stays what’s cursed by these evil eyes

Gm D7
as something starts, I mourn it’s end
Em B7
as someone speaks, I hear them shout
Gm D7
as stars are born, I see them burn
C7 B7
as seas are high, I see them dry
I cannot even cry

Am F Dm Am
I’m tired of standing in the eye of storm alone
Em Gm A7
it seems the only constant point in all this hell is me
Dm F Am
I hear the whispers «it will pass», but when — no book would tell
D7 ~
the whirling tonnel doesn’t let me see

you just approached — I saw you leave
you said your name — I heard «get out»
although these eyes can see through time
I cannot see you here and now
I just do not know how

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