Аккорды песни Beatles — Junk

Beatles — Junk аккорды

The Beatles — Junk
Tabbed By: Jordan Thomas
EMail: Seifer87@msn.com

This is my first go at tabbing, so bear with me if it isn’t up to par.
Email any suggestions to FordGT4D@aol.com!

You have to figure out the speed, but it’s fairly simple.
I was surprised that no one had tabbed this out yet.
This tab is of the Anthology 3 version of the song.

E —0—1—0——-0——————-0———————
B —————3——-3—1—3—1——-1—————-
G ———————————————-2————
D ————————————————————
A ————————————————————
E ————————————————————

E ————————————————————
B ——0—1—3——-1————————————
G —2—————2——-2—0—————————-
D ————————————————————
A ————————————————————
E ————————————————————

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