Аккорды песни Linkin Park — Ptsofathrty

Linkin Park — Ptsofathrty аккорды

Author/Artist: Linkin Park
Album: Re-Animation
Transcribed by: Sub Sonic Ghost
Email: godsmyleader@hotmail.com

This is a phat remix of one of Linkin Parks phatest
songs. Jay Gordan of Orgy did an awsome job. This
is just a simple tab to play its only three riffs in an easy
order, and its all on the B String (Or B and E depending
on how you transpose it) Very fun to jam to.

Tuning: Standard 5-String
B, E, A, D, G

Intro (Riff 1) 3x
Build (Riff 2) 4x
Verse (Riff 1) 4x
Chorus (Riff 3) 4x
Build (Riff 2) 1x
Chorus (Riff 3) 4x
Break (Riff 1) 4x
Silence ******* hold 4 measures
Chorus (Riff 3) 4x
Outro (Riff 1 2x with slight variation and then Riff 2 *2x*)

***There is no Bass on the intro or verse,
but I tabeed it out just in case you want to play it***

Have fun……PEACE!!!

Riff 1 (Intro, verse) (Break and Outro)

Riff 2 (Build) Riff 3 (Chorus’s)

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