Аккорды песни Oasis — Fade In-out

Oasis — Fade In-out аккорды


D5 ( X X 0 2 3 0 )
A7sus4 ( X 0 2 0 3 3 )
G/B ( 0 2 0 0 3 3 )
Csus2 ( X 3 0 0 3 3 )
F6sus2 ( 3 X 0 0 3 3 )

D5 A7sus4
Get on the rollercoaster the fairs in town today
G/B Csus2 D5
y’gotta be bad enough to beat the brave

So get on the helter skelter bowl into the fray
y’gotta be bad enough to beat the brave

D5 Csus2 G/B D5
You fade in- out
D5 Csus2 G/B D5
she fade in-out
D5 Csus2 G/B D5
Without a doubt
F6sus2 G5
And I dont see no shine today is just a daydream tommorow
she’ll be cast away

Coming out of nowhere singing rhapsody y’gotta be bad enough to
wanna be
sitting upside a high chair with the devils refugee Is goona be blinded by the light
that follws me

here is the main slide guitar part for fade in-out
D————— 0————-|
E— 0—0—-3s5— 0 — 3s2-|

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